It's never too late to stop

Turning left is often a jab used to provoke fun at American drivers. But if you tune in to this weekend's F1 race at Imola, you will see the world's fastest cars running counter-clockwise. The track is officially named for Enzo and Dino Ferrari, because not only could they build amazing cars, they also knew how to slow them down. That's why Brembo Brakes has highlighted the optimal braking points for the historic track.

The press release today also includes the same map that has been recalculated for the MotoGP series. No matter how you get around the course, your rotors and pads will need to be the world's best also. Both of my cars have Brembo brakes, which make a decent amount of dust. Driving in Florida demands the utmost in safety, so Brembo is the only way to go!

Image (C) Brembo