A similar design and manufacturing process for Mercedes-AMG vehicles is followed by world-renowned luxury fashion brands like Santoni. The duo is proud to announce the latest release as part of the Santoni For AMG Collection. The new highlight of the collection is the casual Patina Leather sneakers, which are available in White, Dark Blue, and Olive Green. Just as Mercedes-AMG incorporates into models like the AMG G63, Santoni begins its process with quality antiqued leather that provides stylish and comfortable wear for any individual. The thick foam-style midsole protects from high-impact situations like running, and also features the branded AMG logo on the outer portion of the sneaker. Finally, the Santoni x Mercedes-AMG leather sneakers are equipped with traction-grabbing rubber outsoles to maintain grip during any weather condition. The Santoni For AMG Collection features an array of footwear, baggage, small leather goods, and accessories for all car enthusiasts and owners. Shop the new Santoni x Mercedes-AMG Leather Sneakers, as well as the rest of the collection by visiting Santoni's website.

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