Presented by Private Seller - Imagine gliding down the highway in comfort. Now drop it from 6th to 4th gear, the exhaust opens, the magnetic suspension and electric steering go into race mode as you take an on-ramp at 110 mph. This is the dual-nature of Cadillac's V Series. While 90% of the 2nd generation cars were automatic, a few discerning buyers opted for three pedals.

Your right hand controls the same T56 gearbox shared with the Camaro ZL1. It has triple-cone synchros for all gears and the clutch is from the Z06. It will last the life of the car because it is the same disc that Corvette Racing offers for C6R upgrades. The suspension is the 3rd generation Magneride, GM's patented system that is licensed by Ferrari and Lamborghini. It holds the vehicle to a fixed point in the sky, making the pavement a variable that is neutralized thousands of times each second.

Driving easily offers over 20 mpg in a car that has 556 horsepower. The supercharger offers 551 lb-ft of torque from idle to redline, so you don't need to shift gears as often as lesser supercars. The value of these V-Series cars is leaping far beyond the car's window sticker, with V Wagons staying above 70 grand. Unmolested by younger hands, this car is a time capsule that deserves to be the centerpiece of your collection.

P.S. You will also have a complete set of 2012 GM Service Manuals along with all books, both keys and the Nav DVD.