Forty years is a long time to wait, so we're glad to announce that the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Launch Edition price and specs have been revealed. Four decades ago the last V8-powered Wrangler left the assembly line. For those that need 470 horsepower and lb-ft at their command, the Launch Edition will arrive loaded with the best options and accessories.

Starting with locking Dana 44s, you can control them from the dash. The hood scoop feeds their Hydro-Guide water extractor that allows the beast to ford almost 33" of water. You will be 2" higher than other Rubicons, and they will be envious of the active dual exhaust. Fox Racing supplies the suspension with push button front sway bar disconnects. Other goodies include leather, steel bumpers, LED lights, Advanced Safety Group, and auxiliary controls for all your toys. At $73,500 it is much cheaper than V8 conversions, and it has an unbeatable warranty.

Images (C) Stellantis