Presented by The Medford Guy - Designed with wider proportions than most all other Medford Knives, the Fat Daddy is a favorite of the Medford Knife Guy for its stout construction and chopping capabilities. The two-inch blade width is one-quarter of an inch wider than the Praetorian Ti, yet it still grips surprisingly well. The fat proportions are featured throughout the design, from the 3/16 of an inch handle slabs made from 6Al4V Titanium to the more than ¼-inch-thick steel blade.

According to The Medford Guy, Jake Smith, "the Fat Daddy is the best chopping knife with a folding design." Although the Praetorian is Medford’s flagship design, the Fat Daddy is the ultimate Medford Knife, says Smith. It could be used to chop through a tree or slice chicken in the kitchen.

The silver sculpted clip displays traditional Medford Knife branding with sleek, clean lines to complement the unambiguous design of the Fat Daddy. With substantial structure and solid Titanium and steel, this large-scale knife is certainly not made to be clipped to sweatpants!