The Team Fordzilla P1 has been revealed in full-scale form and it's unlike any Ford vehicle in existence. This new race car had two Ford designers creating it's appearance: Arturo Ariño was in charge of designing the exterior and Robert Engelmann took care of the interior. When designing, the two designers had to include the features that gamers voted to include in a Twitter poll earlier this year. The design itself includes a wide-open rear and a front end that would fit perfectly in an LMP series of the future. Drivers of the Fordzilla P1 race car will be seated in a jet fighter-style canopy filled with LED notifications that inform them of the track status. For the gamers, the designers added a few special touches like the AFK (away from keyboard) message in front of the co-pilot's seat and GLHF (good luck have fun) on the front lower spoiler.