Presented by ONEflight - As we move into 2021 with the vaccine now beginning to be administered and the public wanting to move about, here are some trends that leading luxury jet provider, ONEflight International, sees continuing to drive private jet demand through the pandemic.

New to Private Aviation - Prior to COVID, 90% of affluent individuals who could afford to fly privately were not doing so. Efficiency, comfort, and ease weren’t persuasive enough reasons for many in 2020. However, there has been a dynamic shift in this thought process as many high-net worth individuals consider flying privately to now be a necessity for themselves and their families and not simply an indulgent luxury. ONEflight’s membership base grew by nearly 50% last year with more than half of that growth attributed to flyers who were new to private aviation.

Focus on Safety – Commercial carriers argue that it is not necessary to social distance onboard their aircraft and most sell every seat available. ONEflight addressed this health concern early in the pandemic and continue to be proactive in providing safe solutions for their members. Mandatory procedures implemented include face masks for staff at the private jet terminals, face masks for crew members, as well as multiple daily temperature checks and COVID testing performed often. Their network of the top 500 rated operators also execute specific anti-bacterial solution applications to aircraft interiors and are required to conduct intensive cleaning before and after every flight. Extra precautions have been taken and all of their ground transportation partners are required to follow the same strict COVID protocols to ensure their members remain safe during their entire journey.

Seclusion and Extended Stays – Families are sticking together. With many children now attending classes remotely and parents having the flexibility to work anywhere they choose, ONEflight is seeing increased bookings of long term stays at many of their 100’s of private residences, or are finding clients using their membership to fly the family, extended family and pets to second homes. Additionally, they are extending the length of time spent there, instead of a quick weekend jaunt or a week-long getaway, members are now staying from one to three months at a time.

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