Fitting traditional cars with the capability of flying has been on the minds of millions with popular series like The Jetsons and Back to The Future. Matthew Pearson, Founder, Airspeeder, and Alauda Aeronautics, is making that dream a reality, with an added twist. Alauda Aeronautics is proud to unveil the world’s first flying electric racecar, which will race in remotely piloted Airspeeder competitions in 2021. The Airspeeder MK3 features a 96-kW electric powertrain operating with a thrust to weight ratio above two on a craft that weighs just 220-lbs unmanned. The Mk3 speeders will fly at speeds over 75mph and are laid out in an ‘octocopter X formation’. This provides significant advantages to pilots in terms of maneuverability and stability. When racing, the pilot will make the same sharp hairpin style turns as a Formula 1 car but with the added third dimension of being able to move vertically. The safety systems set in place include a LiDAR and Radar collision avoidance, creating a ‘virtual forcefield’ around the stiff carbon fiber from the Airspeeder MK3. After a year of development and testing, we are excited to see car racing take to the sky.

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Alauda Aeronautics