The Speedcat OG+ Collection is a staple for Puma’s Motorsport inspired footwear collection, combining track and casual aspects to create the perfect sneaker. Puma Motorsport x Sparco are announcing a re-release because of popular demand and features an array of colorways. The low-cut minimalistic silhouette presents a classic look of a race shoe with the comfort technology capable of relaxing daily wear. The upper is made from soft alcantara. Each pair is sporting the iconic blue Sparco logo on the tongue. The bottom features a traction grabbing rubber outsole with a track pattern that resembles the tire tread needed to conquer any conditions. The Puma Speedcat is making its 20-year return with Sparco to continue its legendary status as a performance-inspired sneaker. Shop all colorways of the Puma Speedcat OG+ Sparco Collection by clicking the link below. For more Puma Motorsport news, Check out Shop The New Puma Motorsport x Porsche Legacy Spring/Summer 2021 Collection