Mansory and BSTN Premium Sportswear have just unveiled a new vehicle that you more than likely never expected in a million years: an Air Jordan inspired lawnmower. I have to admit, this is an awesome first collab and I want nothing more than to trim some grass on it. The new lawnmower, called the BSTN GT XI, pays homage to the very first Air Jordan released 25 years ago and is a true one-of-a-kind creation. While you might be confused as to why they went with a lawnmower, there's actually a good reason behind it. When Tinker Hatfield was designing the first Air Jordan XI, it was a ride-on lawnmower that acted as his inspiration. The build of this lawnmower consists of custom carbon fiber body parts, a leather carbon seat, and a leather carbon steering wheel. It also features BSTN, Mansory and Jumpman logos. Only one will be made. For more info, visit