As a tribute to his best friend and first customer, Horacio built a masterpiece. Join us as we examine the Pagani Huayra BCIII on display at Miller Motorcars. When Chrysler bought Lamborghini they didn't share the vision of the Chief Engineer. Mr. Pagani saw the future was in carbon fiber, so he left a career that began at 17 years old to start his own company. Times were tough, and that's where true friends prove their loyalty

Benny Caiola was an Italian-American Real Estate Magnate who is responsible for over 100 high-rise buildings. Both men literally started at the bottom, Benny started as a construction laborer while Horacio's first job was sweeping the floors. Benny kept encouraging his friend to chase his dreams, and the first Zonda was the result. Being the first Pagani owner, Horacio chose to name the latest Huayra series after him. Being the flagship of Miller Motorcars, Benny Caiola III decided to build this car as a tribute to his father.

Still a Huayra in name only, the BC Roadster shares a similar shape, the body is optimized for driving without the roof. Speaking of, the roof panel is now their patented HP62 carbo-tanium. An all-new 6-liter V12 from AMG is conservatively rated at 789 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. Both it and the new Xtrac sequential are lighter and used as stressed members of the suspension. Only 40 cars will be built, and no two are identical. Evan and his team are ready to build your masterpiece, so click the button below.

Images (C) Miller Motorcars