The Scuderia Ferrari race team embraces the past and present historic aspects of the Italian supercar manufacturer, including its iconic Rossa Corsa color. When Puma Motorsport was developing the Speedcat with Scuderia Ferrari the goal was to create a fusion between a classic style that would perform as a future benchmark for track footwear. The new Puma Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat uses premium Rossa Corsa and Black suede for the low profile upper, making it lightweight. The midsole and outsole of the shoe are wrapped in traction grabbing rubber, allowing for better pedal control around the circuit or on the way to the car from work. An array of Puma and Ferrari logos are placed throughout the shoe, symbolizing the partnership that holds significant history in the motorsport world. Shop the Puma X Scuderia Ferrari Speedcat featured in Rossa Corsa and Black by clicking the link below.