Over a year ago, Bentley set out to remake history. Inspired by their racing cars of the 1920's, they have unveiled the first blower continuation car. In a press release this morning, we see "Car Zero" in all its glory. Twelve cars will be based on this prototype that is years in the making. As the result of over 40,000 hours, the first Blower in 90 years is gloss black with oxblood red leather.

New 1928 Bentley Blower Engines Roar To Life

To make sure it is a faithful representation, the team digitally scanned nearly every component of the original. From there, no less than 1,846 individual parts were made by hand. They estimate that the original #2 Team Car is the most valuable Bentley in the world, but that didn't dissuade them from disassembling it with white gloves. Once each detail was studied, the coachbuilders built tooling to be used on a dozen forthcoming examples. Car Zero will now be given a modern shakedown and break-in before being shown around the world. This same attention to detail can be found throughout their lineup, so click the button to find yours and stay with us for all your Bentley news.

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