Toyota Research Institute and Stanford's Dynamic Design Lab have teamed up for a very specific study. This new study is aimed to see if accidents could be avoided if drivers had the reflexes and abilities on par with a professional race car driver via artificial intelligence and autonomous technology. Their goal, according to Toyota, is to end up with a new level of active safety technology that can be shared with other auto manufacturers. To show off the technology they're currently working on, they have created a self-drifting Toyota Supra. This autonomous Supra shows that their autonomous tech can handle extreme handling, like sideways drifts. You can check it out for yourself in the video below.

“Every day, there are deadly vehicle crashes that result from extreme situations where most drivers would need superhuman skills to avoid a collision,” said Gill Pratt, TRI CEO and Chief Scientist at Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). “The reality is that every driver has vulnerabilities, and to avoid a crash, drivers often need to make maneuvers that are beyond their abilities. Through this project, TRI will learn from some of the most skilled drivers in the world to develop sophisticated control algorithms that amplify human driving abilities and keep people safe. This is the essence of the Toyota Guardian™ approach.”