Apple just released the newest addition to its audio line up in the form of wireless over the ear headphones, a first for the tech conglomerate. The Apple AirPods Max takes on a completely new design featuring materials of all kinds to help ensure a quality and comfortable listening experience for the user. The design takes on a minimalistic approach, from the breathable knit mesh headband to the stainless-steel frame/telescopic arms, and anodized aluminum ear cups. The technology of the previous Apple AirPod Pro earbuds finds itself into the headphones with functions like noise-canceling and transparency modes available at the touch. The simple Bluetooth pairing process has also been transformed to make switching to other devices seamless. The Apple AirPod Max comes in an array of color options including Silver, Space Grey, Sky Blue, Pink, and Green with the ability to choose custom engraving. The new Apple AirPod Max headphones are currently available by clicking the link below.