It might seem easy to stuff a giant engine in a light car while overlooking the minutia. But in the case of the Bugatti Bolide, beauty is in the details. Their latest press release stresses the notion that this car is not a rendering. Inspired by 1,850 horsepower, the team needed a clean-sheet design. Reversing the formula from their previous efforts, this car was designed around the drivetrain.

2021 Bugatti Bolide: A Designer’s Perspective

Starting with carbon fiber, a new monococque was shaped in 3D to minimize waste. Wherever high-strength connections were needed, titanium cut and machined to remove any extra metal. Every fastener, bracket, and hose clamp was optimized for strength and weight. This attention to detail is not inexpensive, and that is why lesser auotomakers can not and will not offer cars of this caliber. With a curb weight of 2,734 lbs, the Bolide laps Le Mans in 5:23.1 and the 'Ring in 5:23.1 in simulation, so stay with us as these times become a reality.