Presented by Bell - Discovering a whole new world with through the ownership of a helicopter offers unlimited accessibility. Access to places, views and experiences you have never dreamed of reaching before, and Cyrus Sigari proves this notion with every flight he takes in a Bell 505. As a lifelong aviator and co-founder of jetAVIVA, Cyrus has plenty of experiences navigating the world from the air. But his purchase of the Bell 505 has unlocked more opportunities, both educational and adventurous.

“I bought a 505 because I’ve always had an interest, curiosity and passion for helicopters,” said Cyrus. “It’s helped me with learning and experiencing the world in a different way that I never understood until I got out there to do it.” From flying fixed-wing for more than 27 years, Cyrus believes mastering rotorcraft has turned him into a better pilot, overall. And the views aren’t terrible either. “Once you go down to 500 feet, there’s a whole new world down there. There’s not a minute that goes by where you’re not thinking ‘This is incredible!’”

Watch Cyrus’ climb to new heights in the Bell 505.