Battery-powered SUVs are the future of family mobility, so what will happen to iconic 4WDs? If you want the ultimate English off-roader, behold the Range Rover Classic electrified by Lunaz. You might recall that David Lorenz and his team of engineers have offered high-voltage versions of Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, and Bentley models. In-keeping with their attention to detail, the first run of 50 Range Rovers will be offered in two flavors.

Country models will arrive with modern suspension, connectivity, and exquisite upholstery. A new cargo compartment behind the seats has room for refreshments and equipment for field sports. Town models are focused on urban comfort, in either short or long wheelbases. Their interiors feature a bar area where chauffeurs can offer the passenger's drink of choice. After each original is taken down to the bare metal, the Lunaz team replaces all compromised areas with new panels. Only the latest in electronics, climate control, and entertainment is used to offer an unprecedented experience. Pricing will start at £245,000, or roughly $327,000, so stay with us for more shocking updates from Lunaz.

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