Presented by Bell - From flying rotorcraft to piloting planes to skydiving, Rusty Robinson has an affinity for adventures in the air. During his most recent endeavors, he’s navigating the American West by taking to the skies in the Bell 505 helicopter. Rusty uses this powerful platform to enjoy the mountainous scenery of Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Washington and more. “The first time flying in the 505 was just pretty astounding,” says Robinson. “The visibility throughout the floorboard with a near 360-degree view was just amazing. But it's very akin to flying like a bird.”

Spanning from utility jobs to emergency medical services, helicopters save time and even save lives. But sometimes, they provide another way to experience the many thrills life can offer. Pilots feel the power of the machine at their fingertips and feet as well as the excitement of being in control of their own dynamic aircraft. Combine this feeling with the awe of viewing landscape from a unique vantage point – far, but not too far above ground – and customers can discover a whole new type of adventure. That’s exactly what Rusty describes as he recalls his flight over Alaskan territory. “We departed just before sunrise and went over the fjords and the sounds and landed in the mountains, flying along the coastal range all the way up to Alaska. I had a good friend there with me that was familiar with the area. We watched the sun come up over the mountains and the morning fog. It was just an unbelievable experience and a place that so very few people had ever stepped foot – and we were able to reach it in 15 minutes!”.

Part of the thrill is the convenience of reaching typically inaccessible locations, effortlessly. Rusty’s inclination to purchase a helicopter came from past trips where he and his family frequently used rotorcraft to reach back country areas. Today, he’s thrilled to be able to visit new locations in a cost-effective and fun way. “The Bell 505 acquisition price is great compared to single engine turbine, but you get so much more than you do out of some of the other models with the electronics and the ease of startup and the maintenance. The fuel consumption is very reasonable compared to some of the other single engines as well. Then, it's got the tried and true rotor system and tail rotor system as the Bell 206, which has been around for decades.” The Bell 505 has enabled adventurers like Rusty to truly take hold of their adventures and uncover new worlds while flying solo, with old friends or alongside family.

Watch Rusty in action with his very own Bell 505 helicopter.