Perhaps Tractors and Wine are the secret to a happy life. By 1985, Ferrucio Lamborghini had retired from building supercars, confident that Chief Engineer Horacio Pagani and Test Driver Valentino Balboni would carry on where he left off. Since the Countach had been in production for 13 years, work began on something all new. January of 1990 saw the debut of the most "90's" car of all time, so today Lamborghini celebrates 30 years of the Diablo.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Lamborghini Diablo

As the Countach prepared to celebrate the brand's 25th anniversary, Mr. Pagani began to introduce carbon fiber body panels in 1988. His goal was for the Diablo to be the world's first carbon fiber supercar, but the recession of '88 hit Italy very hard. Another Italian executive saw an aoportunity to expand his portfolio, Chrysler assumed control with Lee Iaccoca at the helm.

While the Diablo's lines were already finalized, Chrysler goons decided to water-down Gandini's styling. Carbon fiber was also relegated to exterior panels and interior trim. Nevertheless, the Diablo introduced a new Lamborghini buyer to such luxuries as power windows, A/C that works in South Florida, All Wheel Drive, and aerodynamics.

Lamborghini Diablo Specs, Price, Review and Photos

Looking back, the Diablo was the perfect car to bridge the gap between the Pagani era and Audi, who began taking over in the late '90s. What other car could have existed between the Countach and the Murcielago? What other V12-powered six-speed Raging Bull was on your bedroom poster? The Diablo is comfortable, fun, and as reliable as a battleship. After ample opportunities behind the wheel, I wouldn't swap seats with anyone. Maintenance can be done in your driveway and parts are plentiful. Click the button to find yours and then tell us your favorite Diablo story in the comments below.