It is nothing new to say that the BMW M community is derived from passionate individuals that circulated aspects of their lives around the obsession with M performance, whether it be the car used for commuting or the clothes and accessories in the closet. If any BMW enthusiast could live in a town full of M cars with individuals that share the same desire, it would be a perfect world. BMW brought that vision to the screen, with its most recent video of M-Town unveiling the merchandise shop that provides an array of clothing options. The inspiration behind the project is to blend the successful historic past of the BMW M-Division with the future endeavors of chasing the quest for design and performance. Throughout the video, BMW places a few surprising cameos in the form of both people and vehicles. Shmee150 makes an appearance as a fan that is more than excited to take his own trip to M-Town. A very special BMW M3 Wagon also has its 5 seconds of fame as the camera pans across, giving the public an ever so small glimpse at the anticipated release. The collection features graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts sporting the iconic M colors, as well as vehicle timelines back to when the E30 M3 made its first appearance. The BMW M-Town Merchandise is currently available by clicking the link below.