Driven by the optimism of a new millennium, many wild designs of the early aughts were given the green light. One brand decided to focus on customer satisfaction and reliability before all else, so Porsche Unseen highlights 15 concepts that should have been produced. Riding high on the successes of the Boxster and the Cayenne, the Porsche family tried to reclaim control of Volkswagen in a bitter family feud.

Stylists won a big victory with the launch of the Carrera GT in 2004, and it gave them a blank check to build concepts for auto shows around the world. Along with the stories behind them, these 15 cars have been compiled into a new book by the Delius Klasing publishing house. To give us a preview of what's inside, Porsche uploaded hi-res imagery of the 919 Street, Vision Spyder, and the  Vision “Renndienst”. The first was a street-legal version of the 919 Hybrid that dominate LMP1 racing. The Vision Spyder is a modern 550 RS from last year, and the Renndienst is probably the only electric minivan aimed at family life. Click the button below to purchase the book and stay with us for all your Porsche news.