Kross Studio, an independent design studio, recently announced a partnership with Warner Bros.. The first fruit of this collaboration has just been unveiled and it's a stunning 1999 Batmobile desk clock that's a must-have for Batman fans or just fans of clocks and watches. For it's design, Kross Studio kept style of the Batmobile true to the original. But because of this, they had to create a new in-house mechanical, manual-winding movement. This movement allows the time to be told on the front of the Batmobile, while the rest of the mechanics rest in the "cabin" of it. In order to wind it, there's a special Batman-shaped key. As for it's construction, it has a body made of black aluminum composite with a scratch-resistant coating. Kross Studios also included smoked windows that allow you to see the innerworkings of the clock. Only 100 examples of this Batmobile desk clock will be created with a price tag of $29,000. Click the button to shop it now.