The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is a yearly published list that includes over 400 extraordinary gifts for everyone. This year marks its 94th edition, which features a bespoke edition of a Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition luxury travel trailer. Bowlus is known for manufacturing high end riveted aluminum trailers since 1934, carrying the tradition of exploration through the open road. The trailer can be completely redesigned using yacht-grade finishes to reflect the vision of the individual looking to travel in style. The RV also includes a state-of-the-art electrical system that allows you to remain off-grid from L.A. to NYC and back on a single charge. Bowlus will be donating $10,000 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, which supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, with the purchase of the Bowlus experience. Click the link below to learn more about the bespoke edition Bowlus trailer, as well as the rest of the products in the 2020 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.