Nothing beats German Audio when it comes to precision & style. With the Holidays rapidly approaching, its time to give your loved ones something they will enjoy for years, and that is why Porsche Design's new speaker makes a perfect gift. What makes it worthy of such a noble name? Like their iconic cars, this chic design combines every feature you could ask for along with a few that will surprise you.

Porsche Design Announces New and Stylish Soundbar

Machined from billet aluminum, this obelisk incorporates full-range drivers, LED lighting and a bass reflex port to amplify low-range events. While it looks like 1-piece, lifting the upper portion reveals a wireless charging pad integrated with batteries that offer 20 hours of music. Using the latest Bluetooth protocols, perfect stereo sound can be had by buying a pair of them. Splashes are not a problem as it is IPX4 rated for water resistance. Click the button to learn more and stay with us for the latest in Porsche Design.