The BMW I-Division is responsible for incorporating the latest design and technological advancements into vehicles to help launch the automobile industry into the future of zero-emission road travel. The German auto manufacturer recently unveiled a project with Peter Salzmann, an Austrian with a passion for leaping from great heights. The partnership recently released more information on the process of creating the first-ever Electrified Wingsuit. Peter enlisted the help from the BMW I-Division on engineering a motor that would allow for a longer time in the sky. They took the technology used on the BMW iX3, the first-ever fully electric SAV, and applied it to the personal flight device. The result was a successful helicopter launch from 10,000 feet, which left Peter soaring through the sky until 3,000 feet before deploying the parachute. The long-awaited testing was put on hold with the global pandemic affecting all corners of the world. The Electrified Wingsuit by BMW and Peter Salzmann is yet another milestone achieved for the automotive industry. Watch Peter in action with the electrified wingsuit by clicking the link below.