Oh Elon, you never miss a unique opportunity to support your brands. From the Boring Company flamethrower to a carbon fiber surfboard, their latest promotion combines aged Agave with a hand-blown bolt of lightning. If you need the perfect gift for the Holidays, Tesla Tequila is high voltage relaxation.

Limited Edition Tesla Surfboard: Sold Out!

Aged for 15 months in French oak barrels, you will encounter notes of dried fruit, vanilla, and cinnamon. It is rated at 80 proof and the presentation has landing legs borrowed from SpaceX. It is a collaboration between Nosotros Tequila and imported by Speakeasy Company. The retail price of $250 includes FedEx shipping, although each order is limited to 2 bottles. Click here to learn more, and needless to say, you should only partake when you don't need to drive. Click the button for great offers on pre-owned Teslas and stay with us for more great gifts from your favorite automakers.