One of the smartest moves by our late friend was to insulate his top brand from internal strife. Sergio Marchionne led the renaissance of Fiat-Chrysler and allowed Ferrari to go public on the NYSE in 2015, and it has been lauded as the best offering in decades. Now with their latest press release, we see that Ferrari is as strong as ever.

Yesterday we saw the results of careful planning. Despite the lockdown, Ferrari was only down on deliveries by 161 cars versus last year. This allowed Net Revenue to top $1,053,361,584, Enzo would be proud! Core business was up by 2.6% driven by the Monza SP1 & SP2 demand. Cash Flow checked in at $91.38 Million. They even break it down by models, as the 812 GTS and F8 Spider are reaching full production. As they do, the Portofino and 488 families will be discontinued soon. The SF90 Stradale and Roma deliveries will begin any time now, as Q4 will see them shine on every shore. Click the button below to find your new Ferrari and stay with us for all your investment possibilities in the world of exotic cars for sale.