We saw the last example of the original Defender come to life in 2016. Since then, the new Defender has been making waves around the world, but it shares only its name with the old ones. That is why the Land Rover Defender Classic has received a new lease on life. In their latest press release, we've learned that Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations has given a license to Bowler to build new versions of the classic.

Jaguar Land Rover Acquires Bowler, The Famous Off-Road Specialist

They have been building offroad and racing versions of the Land Rover lineup since 1985, and they have been continually been brought under the control of Jaguar-Land Rover. As such, Bowler customers will benefit from lessons learned from the SVO team along with the ability to test the new Bowler in the SVO world-class facilities. It will be a Defender 110 Wagon with an integrated tubular roll cage. Using Bowler's CSP chassis and the latest supercharged V8 from SVO it will be a beast in any situation.

In a combined statement from both companies, the director of SVO said: "We’re excited to announce the first major project since our acquisition of Bowler. The ‘CSP 575’ will combine Supercharged V8 performance and four-seat practicality with Bowler’s rally raid-proven CSP platform, broadening the appeal of the brand. This high-performance road-going model will sit alongside Bowler’s evolving range of rally raid models, which continue to enjoy success in the world’s toughest motorsport events." MICHAEL VAN DER SANDE-MANAGING DIRECTOR, JAGUAR LAND ROVER SPECIAL VEHICLE OPERATIONS. We will stay on top of this as it evolves, so in the meantime click below for great deals on all Defenders.