Many fans of classic Italian cars won't deny their love for the iconic Ferrari 250. In its racing from, (250 GTO) we have witnessed several new records in the value of the classic car industry That is why we are happy to announce that GTO Engineering has unveiled Project Moderna. You might remember their previous offering as the cover for our October issue. The Revival 250 SWB is sold through Manhattan Motorcars and it is a faithful homage to the original GTO.

Discover the Cover – October 2020: Revival 250 SWB by GTO Engineering For Sale at Manhattan Motorcars

For those who want a 21st Century experience, they turned to the latest in high strength steel. The tubular cockpit has aluminum subframes for the suspension to hold a body of carbon fiber. The latest in suspension geometry makes use of big brakes and wheels of a contemporary size. This will offer incredibly low un-sprung mass when compared to the classics along with incredible grip & handling.

Managing Director Mark Lyon said each car will be made to order, with several options for gearbox and suspension. The engine will remain to be a quad-cam V12, albeit with modern internals for unprecedented power. He and his team have been working on this since 1991, and now they are poised to shakeup the Ferrari faithful. If you want modern performance with an iconic silhouette, contact or our friends at Manhattan Motorcars.