After announcing the Mercedes-Benz AG will be one of Aston Martin's largest shareholders (maximum 20%), we're now learning of the fruits of this partnership. In a press release from Aston Martin, details were given as to what is in the agreement between the two brands. One highlight is that Mercedes-Benz will be giving Aston Martin access to their powertrain architectures, including hybrid and electric vehicles, for vehicles to be launched from now until 2027. This shows that Aston Martin is going full-steam-ahead with creating an electric or hybrid model and now we know to expect something by 2026 at the latest. Could it be a new electric DB? Electric hypercar? Who knows, but I'm excited.

Another interesting note from the press release that I found, which is unrelated to the Mercedes partnership, is in regards to the Valkyrie hypercar. Aston Martin says that they are set to start delivering the Valkyrie next year. It's been a long time coming, so I'm most definitely excited to see the Valkyrie at the big events next year.