One thing that every production car has to go through are crash tests. It doesn't matter how cool it looks, how luxury its interior is, or how fast it goes, it still has to go through rigorous crash tests. Rimac Automobili is currently putting their all-electric C_Two through a crash test program before production starts in 2021. Rimac Automobili has actually been going through a crash test program for quite some time, but their most recent full-vehicle tests were necessary to ensure the behavior of the carbon composite during an impact. You can check out the crash testing for yourself in the video down below.

Now, Rimac Automobili will begin the last processes before worldwide homologation is complete. This includes producing a total of 13 prototype vehicles and five pre-series production cars. Unfortunately, 11 of those 18 vehicles will be crashed during Rimac's crash testing process. The result, after all of these tests are complete, is the ability to sell the C_Two in every single market around the globe.