Weight is everything when it comes to fuel economy. That is why most big automakers have replaced steel with aluminum in many places. The problem is that aluminum is not sustainable, and mining it is very bad for Mother Earth. It takes an incredible amount of electricity to extract the element from its ore, and often the voltage comes from coal or gas power plants. That's why one of the major factors of the EV revolution is synthetic and sustainable materials. For what its worth, building cars from carbon fiber actually traps carbon in a way that it can't be easily released. That is just one of the reasons Jaguar Land Rover are investing in aerospace technology for future models.

This 2-year test will involve samples of their future materials placed on several sensors. Their aim is to monitor how the samples react to galvanic corrosion, humidity, dirt, seawater, hot weather and driving below zero. Scheduled to endure 249,000 miles, its the equivalent of driving to the moon. Being proactive will lessen their need for steel and aluminum to offer impressive MPG and EV ranges. Click the buttons for great offers on 2020 models because the 21's are arriving soon, and stay with us for all your Jaguar Land Rover news.