Atlas Ocean Voyages has just announced an exciting and safe way to partake in their Antarctic expeditions. Guests will now be able to take a private wide-body jet from the United States to Ushuaia, Argentina where World Navigator will be waiting for them. World Navigator is Atlas Ocean Voyages' new expedition ship that will take them on an unforgettable trip t the Antarctic Peninsula. Now only will the addition of a private charter jet be a safe way for guests to travel in the air during the ongoing pandemic, it will allow them to skip layovers and shorten the time it takes for them to reach the ship and return back home.

"Antarctica is the ultimate bucket-list destination and Atlas Ocean Voyages is innovating the industry again by greatly reducing the transit time for North American travelers," says Atlas' President Alberto Aliberti. "And our guests will enjoy Atlas' engaging and enjoyable ambiance as soon as they board our private charter jet. This innovation is part of Atlas' All-Inclusive All the Way commitment, in which we take care of the details and make it more convenient and seamless for our guests to enjoy Atlas' once-in-a-lifetime experiences."

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