Giovanni Soldini and the Maserati Multi 70 have completed and won the Rolex Middle Sea Race, taking Line Honours as the first to cross the finish line. It took Soldini and his team on the trimaran 2 days, 8 hours, 31 minutes and 31 seconds to complete the race. Soldini had this to say about the race: "We knew it would have been a tough challenge. We already met Mana’s skipper, Brian Thompson, in many occasions because he sails on different MOD 70s we raced against: he is a great expert of these boats and it’s not easy to keep ahead of him, but this time we did it!"

The mainsail of the winning vessel had the Maserati MC20's graphics and even managed to pose for a shot with the new supercar before the race (see above). While it may not be able to go as fast as the MC20, the Maserati Multi 70 is still an incredibly quick vessel. Congratulations to Soldini and his team. You can learn more about the MC20, our December 2020 cover car, by clicking here.