Presented by Jet It - Jet It can customize your day as you see fit. A Jet It owner based in Chicago, IL picked up a client in Savannah, GA, flew to a meeting in Atlanta, GA, stopped in Hilton Head, SC for some fresh seafood, then flew back to Chicago, IL all in one day. This trip would have been impossible with commercial travel, incredibly expensive to charter, and impactful for an individual using a jet card program. This is one of several examples of how Jet It owners utilize their jet to increase productivity and value.   

The Jet It day-use model, endorsed by a 2020 Harvard Business School case study, allows Jet It owners to fly their jet for the entire day at only $1,600 per flight hour. This model prevents owners from burning through their share and increases travel capability exponentially.  

Jet It is not just another private jet company, but rather a holistic experience. The additional service touches including ground transportation are booked via the individual's preferred vendor, or hand-selected by the Jet It concierge. Dinner arrangements, whether in the jet or at a restaurant, are carefully chosen based on quality and the owners' personal preference profile. On occasion, an owner may want to be surprised or may want a travel experience that is particularly precise. The Jet It concierge is better described as a 24/7/365 executive assistant, who is ready to anticipate needs. The best part is that the Jet It concierge is all-inclusive, and does not cost the owner a penny more.  

While Jet It owners utilize the jets for both business and pleasure, each jet is equipped with unlimited, high-speed Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi allows owners to conduct business at the speed of business while they hold video conferences in air, or keep their children entertained by streaming in-flight movies. Jet It's core philosophy is to maximize life's experiences and does so in a multifaceted way. 

Another unique and intriguing feature of Jet It is the Red Jet Squadron. Jet It is one of the only private jet services that allows pilot-owners to fly the jet. Aviation enthusiasts must get type-rated and maintain their medicals, but enjoy the capability of fulfilling their hobby without any additional insurance cost. A bonus is that a highly-trained Jet It Captain is in the cockpit to fly with the pilot-owner for additional safety. 

The next time you are thinking of flying imagine the possibilities and just Jet It. | 833-865-3848 |