For decades, gamers have been virtually driving and racing cars across generations of gaming consoles and video cards for computers. Nowadays, eSports have taken off and some racing careers have even started thanks to video games and simulators. One automotive company that is using the world of gaming in an innovative way that doesn't necessarily involve video games is BMW who has a partnership with Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite.

Through this partnership, BMW has been given access to Epic Games' Unreal Engine. This game engine has allowed BMW to place their cars in a virtual world so customers can customize their new car and see the result before ever stepping foot in them. To take it a step further, BMW actually used Unreal Engine to develop the iX. With Unreal Engine, BMW is able to develop and create their visions in a virtual setting in an effortless manner.

“Very early on, BMW saw the possibilities of what Unreal Engine could offer in the automotive industry and devised some truly ingenious customizations that enable collaborative design, visualization, digital prototyping and virtual simulation of behind-the-wheel experiences,” says Doug Wolff, Business Development Manager at Epic Games. “With the release of the BMW iX launch film, BMW went a step further to leverage the virtual production tools in Unreal Engine, deploying the same LED stage workflow in use by the most sophisticated Hollywood productions. This latest development is further evidence of how advanced BMW are in their multiple use-cases and platform design for game engine technology.”

You can get a better look at the fruits of their partnership in the video down below.