Rolls-Royce was recently commissioned by clients in the United States to create a special 'Neon Lights 'trio of the Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan Black Badge luxury vehicles. The Wraith Black Badge is finished in a Lime Rock Green that Rolls-Royce Bespoke Paint Specialist Sami Coultas created after being inspired by an Australian green tree frog. Next is the Dawn Black Badge that is finished in Eagle Rock Red that mirrors the flowers of ‘Ōhi‘a lehua, a Hawaiian evergreen tree. Last but not least is the Cullinan Black Badge which has a Mirabeau Blue finish mimics the wings of an exotic butterfly, Rhetus periander. Each of these vehicles come with a Technical Fibre fascia with a graphic that gives off a neon glow. If this all sounds awesome to you and you're interested, you're in luck. Rolls-Royce has just announced that three more examples of each model will be created, making it four in total for each and 12 in total overall. They're available for commission worldwide.