Recently, A few Instagram posts from KITH founder Ronnie Fieg have led us to believe that the collaboration with BMW would be surfacing. After much anticipation, the KITH for BMW 2020 partnership announced with a mesmerizing video of classic BMWs traveling as a pack throughout the city and wilderness. The exploration takes the group to a spot where the newly redesigned 2021 BMW M4 is unveiled with KITH inspired options. A highlight of the video is Ronnie’s red E30 M3 with added KITH x BMW features such as a KITH logo leather interior and badging around the car.

The collection has yet to be fully released, but photos of jackets, sweaters, polos, t-shirts, and accessories are published. The collaboration celebrates the heritage of BMW Motorsports as well as the progression of streetwear in the fashion industry. Check out the KITH for BMW 2020 collection by clicking the link below.