If there's is one thing that being stuck inside has taught me is that building model kits is such a relaxing way to spend time. From cars to jets and even robots, it's been a blast creating something out of what appears to be random pieces. If you're looking for something to build during your downtime, I ought to suggest the new LEGO Technic Senna GTR set. This new set is loaded with unique features that are incredibly detailed, allowing the builder to really build this supercar from the ground up. Some examples of the intricate details include the V8 engine with moving pistons, functional dihedral doors, and an imposing rear wing. If you're a fan of McLaren, the Senna GTR, or just building models, this is a perfect pick. What's even more inviting is its price of just $49.99. Expect this new set to be available from January 1, 2021, on LEGO.com, LEGO store, and retailers worldwide. If you can't wait, click the button below to see the other incredible LEGO Technic set available, including the Lamborghini Sian and Bugatti Chiron.