Bugatti Beverly Hills recently had the pleasure of unboxing one of the new Bugatti Divo hypercars that will be created. The unboxing took place at JP Logistics' headquarters in Los Angeles, California. This specific Bugatti Divo has an exquisite two-tone finish that's one part glossy black and one part matte blue. The combo of blue and black is a perfect match for the Divo because it allows the red from both the badge and taillights to really stand out. And I mean it about the taillights, which have the wildest design I've seen on any car. I should point out that the Bugatti Divo is more than just looks. If you don't believe me, just check out the unboxing video and listen to the roar of the W16 engine. That, my friends, is music to my ears. Congratulations are in order for both Bugatti Beverly Hills on the extraordinary delivery and the new owner who now has one of the most extreme creations Bugatti has ever produced.