No matter where we have been in the past few years, a McLaren 570 was part of our display. The perfect blend of composites and practicality has allowed it to develop into a Spider, GT, and a LongTail. Now that the program is coming to an end, our friends in Germany have transformed it into a beast for the streets. If you can handle it, the 2021 McLaren 620R by NOVITEC is unchained aggression.

2021 McLaren 620R Represents The End Of An Era

Starting with a new soundtrack, the turbos sing a song of power for all to hear. Along with their intake revisions, you will have 711 horsepower. Where this car really shines is how much torque is offered at any rpm. Even at moderate boost, you will have 524 lb-ft while cruising. Not only will you have brutal launches, with a curb weight under 3,100 lbs you will have incredible passing power above triple-digit speeds. Forged MC3 (Vossen) wheels have center-locks in 20" & 21", and they are wider (315/30) than the factory rollers. Of course, their suspension and aerodynamics are optional, so click the button below to find your 620R and then allow Novitec to see it to fruition.