Early this morning I awoke to a Facebook memory of the 4x4². Mercedes-Benz announced the death of their most capable G550 on October 13, 2017. Because the past is often prologue, portal axles are back! So we are excited that the Mercedes-Benz E400 4x4² concept can take high voltage offroad. Their latest vision of the future involves adding Unimog suspension to the popular EQC electric crossover.

BRABUS Adventure 4×4 Squared Goes Off the Trail in Dubai

With bead-lock wheels ready for any terrain, the 11.5" of ground clearance is double that of the street-legal version. Because of all the added weight and mechanical disadvantage, the power usage is up to 22 kWh for every 62 miles. Nevertheless, it can ford water up to 15.7", with approach and departure of 31.8 and 33 degrees respectively.

All fenders have 4" flares to encompass the 285/50/20 tires, which equates to 33" x 12.50" for you mud-boggers out there. While it is impressive on its own, we could be looking at a test mule for the electric G-Class that has been rumored to arrive next year. Here's to Mercedes-Benz for showing the future of offroad adventure, and click the link below for great offers on Gelandewagens for sale.