Although Lewis Hamilton is arguably one of the best drivers in Formula One history, he also has directed his time and creative abilities into the world of fashion. His partnership with Tommy Hilfiger is reflected through Instagram posts displaying the most recent releases and in-season trends. The Formula One star has taken to the design board to create the Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton 2020 collection. The newest release is a head to toe clothing line with accessories to complement the look. The classic Tommy Hilfiger logo is re-designed to feature Lewis Hamilton’s initials. The styles and color combinations seem to be endless, ensuring a look for all. Shop the newly released Tommy Hilfiger Lewis Hamilton Collection by clicking the link below.


The Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton Collection features tops that will suffice in any climate, from fall days to torrential snow blizzards. An array of t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, hoodies, vests, coats, and jackets displayed in styles that can be dressed up or down. The products are made from sustainable materials that the Tommy Hilfiger brand is known for using and approved by Lewis.


Lewis’ inspiration behind the pants in the collection was comfortable, casual, and active. The lineup features classic blue and black denim jeans that pair well with matching jackets. The rest of the releases present as comfortable cotton joggers and a cargo pant perfect for lounging around the house or taking a trip to the gym


Small soft goods have been included in the collection to help pull the look together. Winter beanies and neck warmers are available in black, blue, and grey to help stay warm during the colder months. Also added to the Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton line are monogram backpacks, a chest bag, and a small carrying pouch using unique designs and materials.