IWC Schaffhausen has just opened up their all-new flagship store in Zurich and it's unlike any other watch boutique in the world. The main premise behind this store is to take visitors on a journey through the world of motorsports. You see, IWC has a strong connection to the the motorsport world and this entirety of this store helps draw that line between the two. To effectively draw that connection, they have plenty of motorsport memorabilia and engineering artifacts throughout and what I'd like the consider the star of the store, a Mercedes SL300 Gullwing. This isn't any standard Gullwing, however. Once seated in the driver's seat, guests are sent on a thrilling virtual reality experience. There's a lot of other awesome aspects about this store that make me want to fly over to Zurich ASAP. To learn more and even take a virtual tour, you can click the button below.