Postage has been a hot topic as we lead up to the election, leaving stamp collectors caught in the middle. Although American mail might be on the decline, such is not the case in Europe. That is why Italy has issued a 90th Anniversary Pininfarina stamp. Celebrating one of their most popular concepts, the Modulo was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970. At less than 37" tall, it won 22 international awards for the esteemed designers.

Pininfarina Introduces Battista Anniversario

To quote CEO Silvio Angori “The symbol of this journey is the Modulo, still considered, half a century later to be an icon of motor racing due to a revolutionary design that makes it look like a car from the future. As designers we are always called on to anticipate tomorrow on the basis of our dreams and to interpret technology in an emotional way. This will continue to be our mission, even when we reach 100”. Congratulations to everyone for 9 decades of designing the world's best cars, so stay with us for all your Pininfarina updates.