Back in my college days, I was lucky enough to have an NHRA dragstrip not far from campus. So instead of wasting money downtown, I probably spent much more to get my car into to run consistent 11-second passes. Of everything I learned from the fastest professional teams is that organization and attention to detail is everything. As such, their trailers were surgically clean and loaded with Moduline cabinets.

Starting to recognize a common trend, I learned that Moduline is the brainchild of Paul Gill, one of the fastest Top Alcohol drivers in the NHRA. He decided to apply his metalworking skills to build a storage solution for his team. The light and strong cabinets are made of aerospace aluminum with American bearings and sliders. That is how they can offer a lifetime guarantee on the entire system. These photos were submitted by a happy customer who is also a Ford fan, and they are inspiring to say the least.

Because many racers have an engineering or military background, they took notice of how practical and durable his cabinets proved to be. Not only did other teams ask him to replicate the designs for them, but the modular design of each piece also caught the eyes of exotic car repair shops, aircraft mechanics, and NASA. Much like Legos, each cabinet is attached at several points to the walls and to each other. They can easily be repositioned as your collection changes, and accessories include power, LED lighting, and countertops that can support heavy rebuilds.

Even after three decades, there is nothing comparable on the market. Take a look around your garage and imagine organizing and prioritizing your tools and supplies. Your significant other will approve, so you have nothing to lose.The garage of your dreams is only a click away, stay with us for more essential garage gear.