Greenwich Cars & Coffee’s very first track day at the New York Safety Track was a major success. With Covid-19, affecting the majority of major automotive events, the track day was the perfect way for Greenwich Cars & Coffee drivers to safely socialize while testing their driving skills on the impressive 2.1-mile circuit. The lineup of 15 cars was diverse, ranging from the Volkswagen GTI to a 2002 Ferrari 360GT racecar. The groups had plenty of track time throughout the day and thanks to Hagerty’s offer of their HPDE/Track Day Insurance, it provided the drivers a single-event coverage designed to protect their car from physical damage, both on the track and in the paddock. During the break in between sessions, drivers enjoyed local barbeque and refueled at the Shreve Crump & Low pit lounge before heading back onto the track for the second session of the day.

Michelin USA was present at the track day, where they unveiled their brand-new CrossClimate 2 all-season tire. Drivers were impressed to learn about the safety and performance benefits of the CC2, which included improved wet stopping, longevity, dry grip, and snow performance. These benefits are attributed from the distinct V-formation tread pattern and rubber compound that delivers a tire that excels in more climate conditions than any competing product. In wet conditions tests (even when worn) the CrossClimate 2 stops 50 feet shorter when stopping at 50 mph.

Michelin USA, also fitted their new and improved Pilot Sport All Season 4 onto our 2017 Volkswagen GTI Sport during the track day. Spending hours on the track with the PSA4 tires we learned the true potential of the tire’s performance. The tires sustained its handling limits through the 18 sharp turns on the track. As we improved our racing lines and tire temperature, we could confidently place the GTI where we wanted to be and this was due to the extra rubber on the outer shoulder providing extra grip around the apexes. The most impressive experience driving the new PSA4 was on the straight and how we had no traction slippage from 1 to 2 gear, so no power was being sacrificed. It was incredible! At the end of the day, Michelin had a CrossClimate 2 giveaway where one of our lucky drivers happily won a whole new set of the CC2!

It was an incredible day full of speed, adrenaline, and new friendships. The track-day would not have been possible without the support of the sponsors: Michelin USA, duPont REGISTRY, Hagerty, Shreve Crump & Low, and Mountain Dew Game Fuel. If you want to be a part of Greenwich Caras & Coffee’s events please email to subscribe to their mailing list or follow their social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.