Rubber and cash quickly disappear when you hit the track. That's why finding the perfect line through each corner will keep you ahead of the competition. Since you probably don't have a professional racer riding shotgun, you can improve your lap times and technique with the Garmin Catalyst.

Truly revolutionary, it combines GPS, GNSS and accelerometers to track your car within an inch of accuracy. Also included is a remote-mount HD camera with a powerful image processer. Because Garmin has high-resolution maps of tracks around the world, it can project the optimal line through each corner. Enable the Bluetooth connection and a voice coach will give you pointers and encouragement. This way you can keep your eyes on the prize, and the video can be instantly played back thanks to the 32GB MicroSD card. It is a perfect gift for any gearhead, so click the button below for all the details and get ready to race.