Although it took them a few years, the engineers behind the bowtie brand are back on top. With improvements to almost every component, the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado HD can tow 18 tons while having fun. The fun part comes from more standard entertainment and connectivity, centered around Android, Apple, and wireless charging. The real gravy is when it comes to heavy hauling. When equipped with the Duramax Diesel, the new Silverado 3500 HD is rated at 36,000 lbs.

To celebrate being back at the top of the towing world, the Carhartt Special Edition will arrive with an all-weather interior. Jet Black and Carhartt Brown leather seats are heated and cooled, and the bed has a Carhartt tonneau cover. Other exclusives are the 20" wheels and Mosiac Black Metallic paint. The unique body color is also found on the grille and bumpers, and its nice to see a special edition that isn't overdone. The other editions include Midnight, Z71 Sport, and Z71 Chrome, and they remain mostly unchanged for the new model year. Our dealers have all the details, so click the button and see the USA in your Chevrolet.